Kapow! Celebrating Graphic Novels for all Ages!

Free Comic Book Day was yesterday, May 2, 2020! At Atlas Book Club, we’re highlighting the graphic novels we’ve featured in our past boxes so you can celebrate visual storytelling too!

Shaka Rising: A Legend of the Warrior Prince and King Shaka: Zulu Legend

by Luke W. Molver, Mbongeni Malaba

December 2019 Soar Box (ages 12yrs+) – South Africa

A time of bloody conflict and great turmoil. The slave trade expands from the east African coast. Europeans spread inland from the south. And one young boy is destined to change the future of southern Africa. This retelling of the Shaka legend explores the rise to power of a shrewd young prince who must consolidate a new kingdom through warfare, mediation, and political alliances to defend his people against the expanding slave trade. (Catalyst Press)

Kai and the Monkey King by Joe Todd Stanton

January 2020 Nest Jr. Box (ages 7-9 years) – China

When Kai grows tired of her bookish mum not being adventurous enough for a Brownstone, she decides to seek out the mischievous and rebellious Monkey King – who she’s always been told to stay away from. Will he bring her the adventure she craves, or will he cause her more trouble than he’s worth?

Read the latest story from the mythical Brownstone’s family vault where we venture to China and learn about the story of the Monkey King, meet magical gods, taste powerful peaches and see that maybe our heroes aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. (Nobrow Ltd)

Akissi: Tales of Mischief and Akissi: More Tales of Mischief by Marguerite Abouet, Mathieu Sapin (Illustrator)

April 2020 Nest Box (ages 9-12 years) – Ivory Coast

Poor Akissi! The neighborhood cats are trying to steal her fish, her little monkey Boubou almost ends up in a frying pan, and she’s nothing but a pest to her older brother Fofana. But Akissi is a true adventurer, and nothing scares her away from hilarious escapades in her modern African city.

Jump into the laugh-out-loud misadadventures of Akissi in these girls-will-be-girls comics, based on author Margeurite Abouet’s childhood on the Ivory Coast. (Nobrow Ltd)