in 2016 with the goal of ensuring my Nigerian-American kids continue to develop their knowledge of their African heritage. It was important that they read books where they saw themselves represented, and that they were exposed to books that reflected other cultures and served as windows into the world. What started of as a family book club focused on African countries grew into an exploration of different cultures and countries from around the world. I witnessed how my children, and others who participated in the book club, connected with the different cultures through the selected books. I became even more passionate about sharing this transformative experience with kids nationwide.

At Atlas Book Club, we believe that kids exposed to different cultures develop global awareness and a perspective that can increase their empathy, compassion, acceptance and celebration of cultures unlike their own. We started as a book subscription box company, but we have evolved into an online resource intentionally created to help kids become more globally aware and culturally concious! We do this through our carefully created booklists and immersive educational material.

We’re not just here to provide a service either. Our goal is to build a curious community of book lovers and appreciators of different cultures. And for parents, our promise is to keep our book choices educational and age appropriate.

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I hope that you and your kids will read along with us every month and explore the new regions you encounter in the books selected.

For any further questions, visit our FAQs page or contact us at info@atlasbookclub.com.