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We are an online community and resource to help you build your globally diverse children’s book collection, cultivate global awareness, and increase your cultural competency as a family or school through our intentionally curated book recommendations and fun activities!

Our mission:
1. to help kids of all backgrounds see themselves in the books that they read;
2. to help all kids travel the world through books; 
3. and to shatter single story narratives and
    stereotypes with our book selections. 

How does Atlas Book Club impact the life of your child?

Increases Empathy, Compassion, and Understanding

Helps Them See Diverse Representation in Different Genres

Feeds Their Innate Curiosity About The World

Exposes Kids to Different Global Cultures

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How do we select books? The Atlas Standard!

The Atlas Standard is how we intentionally select books that are globally diverse, engaging, and fun! Our selections:

  • are age appropriate and for various reading levels
  • feature authors and illustrators from around the world
  • have diverse representation in different genres
  • celebrates global culture
  • showcases diversity within cultures
  • shatters single story narratives and stereotypes.

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In addition to the Atlas Book Club Membership, we have Atlas Book Club boxes for sale! Each box contains a map, educational materials, and a culturally relevant souvenir to immerse your child in the featured country. Purchase an individual box, a 3-months, 6-months, or 1-year bundle and we will send you our fan favorites! *all boxes will be shipped in one shipment.