Atlas 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Atlas Family!

We are excited to announce that have expanded our service beyond being a book subscription box company with the creation of the Atlas Book Club Membership! We will no longer be creating monthly subscription boxes; instead, we will transition to an online book club still committed to bringing you globally diverse children’s books.

Atlas Book Club will remain THE Book Club for Culturally Curious Kids and Families! Our mission stays the same – (1) to help kids of all backgrounds see themselves in the books that they read; (2) to help all kids travel the world through books; (3) and to shatter single story narratives and stereotypes with our book selections. This new model allows us to commit even more strongly and fully to this mission so that EVERY KID has the opportunity to have the Atlas Book Club experience. With this new model, we are lowering the socioeconomic barrier; we hope to reach more families and have more impact.

An Atlas Book Club Membership allows us to reach more families, is more affordable at $249/year/household, more flexible for families, and more environmentally friendly. We are also giving you access to more books that meet the Atlas Standard, more culture, deeper immersion into the countries we explore.

The star of this new model is our curated Build Your Global Collection Booklists! You can simply purchase the books or check them out from the library. Easy Peasy!

Lastly, thank you for trusting me for the past three years with your child(ren)’s literary choices; I do not take that privilege for granted. With exposure to internationally diverse cultures and experiences, my hope is that we can contribute, even in this small way, to the cultivation of globally aware, empathetic and compassionate kids. We are really excited about this new direction and we hope you continue to support us!

With gratitude,

Bunmi Emenanjo, Founder

Atlas Book Club

Interested in Joining the Atlas Book Club Community?

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